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A small and passionate team And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mark PierceFounder, Designer & Developer

Welcome to my awesome team

NextJunction has been a personal project for over 16 years for Mark Pierce. With a background in Graphic Design, marketing and later User Experience for the financial services industry, Mark has continued to believe in NextJunction.

When Mark is not staring at a computer screen, he is a devoted father to beautiful young girls and a husband to the Customer Experience Manager Kathryn.

Business Development

Tim has been in sales ever since he left school when he joined a YTS scheme at Barretts shoes earning £29.50 a week! Since then he has successfully worked at The Yellow Pages, The BT Phonebook & The Derby Telegraph.. Tim is a very passionate, lively, trustworthy and friendly sales executive who delivers results by building friendships with potential customers.

Tim AbbeyBusiness Development Director

Customer Experience

Attention to detail is Kathryns middle name. Her support for the customers is second to none. Always keen to ensure the both users and the businesses are looked after to the highest quality.

Kathryn PierceCustomer Experience & QA Manager
Deborah HemmingResearcher
Joan PierceResearcher
Liam PierceServices Advisor
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